On Wednesdays We Wear PINK! – I

If I was Regina George in real life I would wear pink E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. Who only wears it on Wednesday?

pink full

Unlike most girls I am more of a pink lips person than red…but that’s maybe because I still haven’t found my perfect red shade and pinks have come to me so easy! I love a slightly dark hot pink pout more than light pinks or baby pink. It looks absolutely stunningly sexy and perfect for our skin tone. Although this post is entirely about the slightly lighter tones of pink. Next one is all about the firey hot pinks!

Given my obsession with pink lipsticks, I have decided to dedicate two posts to just pink lipssss! Not in any particular order of preference but here are some of my most used (or some bought just because they were pink) pink lipsticks and their swatches!


  1. COLOR STUDIO PURE MATT ‘VAMPSTER – 140′ : Color Studio has become quite big in Pakistan over these recent years and their products are yet to fail me even once! I love their stuff, specially their lipsticks from the PURE MATT collection. This beautiful shade in 140 is a true candy pink. Some may say it is a bit like MAC Candy Yum Yum but I am not 100% convinced about that. This colour is great with an all white outfit when you want those candy poppin’ lips! The lipstick is quite matte but not uncomfortable or drying. Stays on for 6-8 hours and doesn’t bleed! IMG_2333
  2. RIMMEL ‘HEARTBREAKER – 106’ : As far as I can recall Rimmel lipsticks have ALWAYS been a part of my collection. This particular one I bought when I saw a bride done by Bina Khan with absolutely gorgeous lips and she mentioned she had used Heartbreaker  on her. Its a beautiful berry pink with a yummy creamy texture. It glides on super smoothly and stays put for hours! The only downside is that it transfers and tends to bleed a bit (but I’m guessing that is because of the creamy texture) – but a bit of prepping and setting helps fix it. This is a must must have and I can’t think of any skin colour not being able to pull this one off ❤IMG_2334
  3. MAC ‘MEHR -70’ : MAC cosmetics is no new name for anyone who is even slightly interested in make up. Covering a huge range of shades and textures in their lipsticks (amongst several other make up products) ; their matte lipsticks are my favourite. They are matte but not drying (unlike a lot of their retro matte lipsticks) and the colours stay on for long. The only issue I have ever had with MAC lipsticks is that they transfer and that tends to get a bit annoying. Mehr is a beautiful ‘dirty blue pink’ as described on their website and can easily be worn everyday. This along with Gerard Cosmetics 1995 are both my everyday essentials and I would recommend it to everyone!IMG_2335
  4. RIMMEL KATE MOSS ’20’ : This is again another super bright candy floss pink colour with a lovely creamy finish. This is a couple of shades brighter than the Color Studio lipstick mentioned above and looks great on a hot hot summer day with cool coloured clothes! Rimmel as always has great products with their lipsticks being my most favourite!IMG_2336
  5. INGLOT ‘419’ : This has got to be my least used lipstick in my entire collection. I somehow find it too drying and streaky on my lips, even though the colour is great and it smells absolutely divine. Its something like candy and bubble gum all melted together in one lipstick! Its a brownish-pink, matte colour which stays on forever and doesn’t bleed! Its a great colour to add to your collection but somehow never impressed me enough to get more. Maybe its time to start using it more than I have and see what the hype is about! IMG_2337
  6. WET n WILD ‘MAUVE OUTTA HERE – 907C’ : Wet n Wild is known for their ridiculously inexpensive make up! Their lipsticks retail at $1.99 in stores in America and you can find them for under 1000rs at most online facebook pages in Pakistan! Besides the odd packaging I love everything about this lipstick. This particular lipstick has come a long way with me, from my Medical School graduation to my first meeting with my in laws! Its a gorgeous matte shade with hints of lavender and pink. Its subtle enough to be worn daily and pretty enough to be worn at fancier occasions! Wet n Wild lipsticks stay on F.O.R.E.V.ER. and sometimes it actually becomes a task getting rid of them from your lips! For their price they are 5/5 but for the flimsy packaging its definitely a 2/5! IMG_2338

My favourite out of these has to be MEHR by MAC for daily wear usage and as for the colour it is HEARTBREAKER and MAUVE OUTTA HERE!


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoy collecting pink lipsticks! Do leave feedback and comments in the space below!

Signing Out






  1. Mac’s Mehr is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!!! My personal fav pink shade has to be Rimmel Kate Moss’s 103! So glad that they have it back in stock here in Karachi! I legit wear it everyday! Also beautifully written! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! You should try MAC Mehr and WetnWild Mauve Outta Here. These shades will definitely work for you if youre more of a nude person!!

      Thank you for taking out time to read it ❤


  2. I neeeeed to get my hands on Mac mehr!!! Every time I read one of your posts I’m burning a hole through my pocket to buy something new 😛 luckily, it’s pay day today 😏
    Also loving the new layout 👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha hellooooo someone got paid today!!! Gotta get that Mac lipstick!!! Or you could send some cousin of yours in America to a MAC store tomorrow (Saturday 29th July) for a free lipstick lol. Theyre celebrating national lipstick day and theres some deal about getting a free lipstick. Worth a shot totally!!!!


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