One Year Older But Not A Bit Wiser: 27!

Happy 27th Birthday to me! Can’t believe I am just 3 years away from the big 3-O! I still feel there is so much to do, so much to see, so much makeup to buy before I turn 30 and grumpy!

Today’s post is 27 facts about me that I wanted to share with my beautiful followers who have been super encouraging and helped my blog grow ❤

  1. I am the middle child in my familyIMG_3233
  2. I love my family and thankful for what I am today all because of them52C230BF-A8B0-4188-B0D0-31F9CD6F02A4
  3. I was born in America, raised in Daharki (Pakistan), moved to Karachi, now in Cardiff and going back to Karachi (Pakistan)FullSizeRender_1
  4. I love helping people. It’s a mad kind of passion that I have
  5. I love shopping. I am a borderline shopaholic if I may say so myselfmakeup-essentials-for-ballroom-dancing
  6. I am getting married in less than 6 monthsIMG_3258
  7. I love dogs and hate catsIMG_0764
  8. I love tattoos
  9. I can barely cook
  10. I don’t like red lipstick on myself IMG_1605
  11. I hate people who chew their food loudly
  12. Backpacking through all of Europe is the trip of my dreamsIMG_2379
  13. My aim in life is to be as successful as I possibly can without having to work too hardIMG_2754
  14. I don’t know how to apply eye liner (I suck at it!!!)
  15. I hate driving manual cars
  16. I love glitter. Bathe me in glitter and I’ll be the happiest person alive!cropped-colorful-square-glitter-printable-freebie-background-pinks-blues-hot-pink-24001.jpg
  17. I love beef burgers and sushi more than anything on this planetIMG_9226
  18. If I had to look back at the choices I made in life and had to change one, I would go to dental school instead of medical school
  19. I always thought I had perfect teeth until I ended up at my dentist and discovered horribly aligned teeth at the back (that’s me awkwardly smiling with my braces on)IMG_1422
  20. I am obsessed with white teeth. I always need my teeth to be super clean
  21. I share my birthday with the most awesome person I know : Mariam Sheikh ❤ IMG_0010
  22. I have horrible stage fright
  23. I love vacuuming. It is SO therapeutic
  24. I love yoga and running but hate the treadmillIMG_9588
  25. I saw COLDPLAY live this summer with a bunch of amazing people and that was the BEST day of my life!IMG_2166
  26. I am extremely indecisive when it comes to clothes or food
  27. I have a very weak heart and I cry when I see people cry, movies or real life

And that wraps up my 27 years of life so far, cheers to another year full of up’s and downs, high’s and low’s and tons of adventure!

Signing Out







    1. Thank you so much!! Ahh yes i love this bit of blogging honestly, i get to know people who are not my friends or family. This is a whole new family for me ❤

      I have been practicing my eye liner skills lately haha ! Hopefully getting somewhere lol. My instagram story has all these tiny details from everyday haha! Ahh and yes backpacking!! I have told my fiance that we are going backpacking through Europe for our honeymoon regardless of when it happens!!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your wishes ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah im sorry! Wasnt meant to offend anyone! Was just a joke! Thanks for stopping by to read it ❤

      its never too late for a birthday wish, thank you! ❤


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