Foundation 101


Hi, all!

Back after a long break with a post about my utmost favorite makeup product: FOUNDATION. Also commonly known as base but never confused for a concealer 🙂 Since I have massively oily/combo skin with a new spot every now and then, my foundations have never been anything less than medium to full coverage. Sheer finish foundations never do the job for me.

Tried and tested multiple foundations over these years and it’s safe to say I have narrowed down to two favorites.

  1. Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation in ALMOND: The highly talked about foundation all over town and across the nation is none other than the MM Silk Foundation. Developed by one of the pioneers of the beauty industry in Pakistan, Masarrat Misbah, this foundation caters to the weather, skin type, skin color and skin issues we face. It’s a full coverage, really light foundation and it looks absolutely flawless. Full coverage foundations tend to be cakey but it’s not the case with this one! Def, my go to when I need full coverage and have a long day ahead of me!IMG_2254
  2. Maybelline FIT me! Matte+Poreless in 128: I hate to admit it but this one definitely ties with the MM Silk Foundation. It has a flawless, matte finish which isn’t too matte nor cakey. It’s a bit runny and liquidy in consistency but that helps in blending it a lot better than the thicker foundations. It covers up flaws like MAGIC and DOES.NOT.BUDGE. I absolutely love wearing this foundation whether it’s on a daily basis or for special occasions. Def a 10/10 drugstore purchase, and not to forget its loved by big names like Huda Kattan and more! IMG_2249
  3. L. A. Girl PRO Coverage HD Foundation in GLM644 – NATURAL: L. A. Girl is known for quality products at ridiculously low prices and their foundation fits the description perfectly well. According to tons of YouTube and Pinterest research, I found out that this foundation is apparently a dupe of the MAKEUP FOREVER HD Foundation, which is massively loved by people. I was reluctant to buy the MUFE HD foundation so I decided to get the LA Girl one after seeing Maliha Rao’s extremely convincing video on it! ( I absolutely love this foundation, its the perfect shade, stays on perfectly and does not oxidize one bit! Even though I thought it would because of its slightly thick-ish consistency but I was surprised to see it lasted me all day long! I actively use oil blotting sheets throughout the day since I get super oily around my T-zone but other than that it is absolutely amazing! IMG_2251
  4. Bourjois HEALTHY MIX in MEDIUM: Bourjois I feel is a very underappreciated brand. I have used their foundation and their face powder (on the recommendation of two absolutely lovely ladies) and really liked both! The foundation does not have a very heavy coverage so I keep it for days I want to either go extremely minimalistic with my makeup (which is practically never since its either a full face of glam or absolutely hobo looking) or when my skin is doing good and I don’t need too much coverage. A lot of reviews said it tends to oxidize but I wouldn’t say that is true, especially not in my case. Besides the fact that it tends to disappear around the T-zone a lot faster than any other foundation I have used for oily skin, its faired pretty well!IMG_2252
  5. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation in PUNJAB: Besides the cute job they have done with naming the different shades, NARS pretty much hasn’t been able to do anything else with this foundation. For some reason, NARS has forever been a hit or miss with me. Most of their cult products fail to impress me (hint hint: the super coveted blush on in orgasm). I bought this foundation some time ago and possibly used it not more than 5 times and it changed its texture and consistency entirely. The gorgeous glass bottle allows you to be able to see the product inside and I could see mine slowly disintegrate into oil and water. Tried using it a couple of times by shaking it vigorously before using it but the end result has always been the same: DISAPPOINTING. It tends to oxidise, rundown the T zone and cling to dry patches! It’s either something to do with my skin/technique or possibly just my bad luck with NARS products! Won’t be buying this again, unfortunately. IMG_2255
  6. DIOR Forever in 020: Done a post about this previously ( and I don’t think much has changed since then haha! Still feel it’s a rip-off for the price and it oxidizes like craaaycray! I have used the STAR foundation by Dior and I absolutely fell in love with that one! This one didn’t really cut it for me. Its either too dark or just oxidizes super fast, not too sure. And cant really figure it out now since I don’t have it anymore. I had to throw away a few liquids from my bag at the airport and this one was the first to hit the bin! It was a whole lot of money down the drain but I definitely know I am not wasting more on this one!IMG_2250

To end this post I’ll pick my top 3 in order of preference:

  1. Masarrat Misbah
  2. Maybelline FIT me
  3. L.A. Girl Pro Coverage

Would love to hear from you all in the comments section about your favorites and not so favorite foundation! Especially waiting to hear about DIOR and NARS!


PS: GUESS WHO GOT THE ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION! Woot woot! A bit late to be joining the bandwagon but hey never say no to a good deal at the airport!


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  1. Ahhh I had a feeling your top pick would be mm silk. It’s an absolutely gorgeous product I was very impressed with it. It feels like yet makes the face look flawless. Hahah thanks to your reviews I won’t be wasting money getting Nars which I wanted to try so badly :p great post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay I know Bourjois doesn’t make it to your top 3 picks, but I’m willing to give it a shot since I love the powder so much! (Holy grail for my skin btw!!)
    Salary’s here so ready to splurge on some kickass makeup for the winter weddings! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh yes you could! Its great but i feel needs retouching more than the others i picked as my top 3! But yeah im sure its awesome for winters!!


  3. Maleeha Again thanks to u for MM silk and Fit me. U convinced me to try these two medium to full coverage foundations. Now i am using them and MM SILK ROCKSSS for my skin.😀😀THANKSSS

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    1. Oh really? I tried a sample once, didnt like it much. but then again i feel samples are so misleading. They oxidise so fast by being in those flimsy sample bottles!! I will def try it again!!


  4. I am always on a hunt for a good foundation; especially for my clients. I have tried only MM Silk foundation so far from these five (Love this so much, but it’s not for every skin type). Will definitely give Maybelline a try; oh, and I’m so excited to try the L.A Girl Foundation. I think it’s gonna be great like the concealer they have.

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    1. You’ll love LA Girl. Its not as mattifying as MM Silk and in this weather i feel even dry skin gets a bit oily with make up on so LA girl should definitely be a hit with your clients!


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